If you can’t use YouTube and YouTube TV apps on your Apple TV device, you’re not the only one experiencing the No Network Detected error. As of February 27, 2023, YouTube is experiencing an outage that affects several set-top boxes, especially Apple TV.

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YouTube and YouTube TV applications, which are the subject of tweets written by some Apple TV users on Twitter about the problem, raise questions about the source of the interruption. According to the reports of users affected by the outage on Apple TV, YouTube and YouTube TV appear to give “No Network Detected Error” even though the Apple TV is connected to the internet.

Apple TV, Roku, Xbox Users complain, No Network Detected Error on YouTube and YouTube TV

In the tweets of some users, it can be seen that a similar network error is experienced on Roku, Xbox and other smart TVs. In our checks on Downdector, the data reveals the increase in complaints from YouTube and YouTube TV users.

There are users who are not affected by the error, as well as users affected by YouTube and YouTube TV interruptions. It is possible to say that users who experience outages are generally located in Western Kentucky and Northern Alabama. Both of Google’s streaming services work normally on their web versions. Judging by the user complaints, it is highly likely that the problem only occurs on set-top devices.

If you’re an Apple TV user and are having trouble accessing YouTube or YouTube TV, let Siginup News know in the comments. If any correction or update is offered by Google and YouTube regarding this interruption, we will also include this information in our article.

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