Heardle has now been acquired by Spotify, one of the world’s leading digital music platforms. Heardle is Spotify’s first game purchase. The company thinks it can be used for two different purposes. In short, Heardle can engage music enthusiasts on Spotify’s platform, while also functioning as a music discovery tool.

spotify's heardle

In Heardle, the user plays the intro of the song of the day, that is, the introduction. The user tries to guess it 6 times. He writes his guess on the “search for an artist/song title” button at the bottom of the page. If the song is guessed correctly, you will be played for about half a minute.

Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s global head of music, stated that they are always looking for innovative and fun ways to improve music discovery and help artists reach new fans, and Heardle can play an important role at this point.

The Spotify Heardle game continues to serve on its own website or on Spotify for now.

What is Heardle?

You try to guess in a second the music playing on Heardle. You have a total of six picks and every wrong guess doubles your time. If you didn’t get the final guess, you may not be as good a music lover as you think.

After Spotify’s acquisition of Heardle, we will now be able to listen to all the music you tried to guess on Spotify. The game, which allows people to have fun and discover new music, previously collected donations from users and thus continued its activities.

Spotify Acquires Heardle, and the Music Guessing Game Is Now Available to Spotify Users

spotify buy heardle

Thanks to Spotify, Heardle didn’t have to worry about songs and music copyrights. The rich Spotify library is now available to the game.

A while ago, The New York Times bought the word guessing game Wordle. The world-famous newspaper announced that Wordle had brought them “tens of millions” of new users. Spotify Heardle is not yet as famous as his distant relative Wordle, but Spotify is sure to profit from this. It also marks Spotify’s first investment in the playground.

In which countries is Spotify Heardle available?

Spotify Heardle is currently only available in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, meaning players from other countries are now greeted with a “Heardle not available in your location” message from Spotify.

In which countries is Spotify Heardle available?

The game will be released in other countries’ native languages in the future.

In the meantime, it has been reported that the player series that previously appeared in Heardle was also deleted after Spotify’s acquisition. Moreover, despite Spotify’s statement that “the look and feel of the game will remain the same and will continue to be free to play for everyone”, the deletion of the player series caused controversy among users.

How can I play the heard with song guessing game? How to use and play Heardle?

If Heardle is available in your country, you can go to the website and start guessing songs right away. Let’s get you here to play Heardle: Start guessing songs

how to play heardle, how to use heardle

If Heardle is not yet available in your country, Spotify will display a warning on the screen:

Heardle isn’t available in your location, but we’re working to bring Heardle to more places in the future.

In the meantime, you can listen to millions of songs on Spotify.

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