We’re going to talk about great simple steps for setting up corporate mail, Gmail Business, the corporate email service with the Google Workspace company extension . Company extension email account Gmail (G Suite) is Google’s industry-leading professional email hosting service, and creating a new account is quick and easy. All you have to do is go to Google Workspace. Just click “ Get started ” and follow the prompts. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) lets you not only connect your own domain and create professional Gmail email addresses. In addition, the Gmail corporate price set by Google corporate email service Workspace is as low as $29 per user per month.

Ready to set up a corporate Gmail account with a company extension? Go to Google Workspace and get your Google corporate email address in minutes.

What is business email?

A corporate email is an email address that usually includes the business name or brand of a company or business. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the company has already acquired the necessary internet domain to create the different email addresses it needs.

In this aspect (having your own domain name that matches a company’s name, brand or business name) it is often referred to as corporate mail as it is different from personal emails which are email accounts offered by different companies. The preferred mail servers for personal e-mail accounts are, as everyone knows, Gmail, Outlook, Yandex and others. However, it is now possible to open a corporate company account with these servers.

In most cases, corporate emails are assigned to all employees of a company, as well as to certain specific areas, for direct communication and for business purposes only. Places the name of the person or domain at the beginning of the email address. For example, name@companyname.com, department@company.com, info@companyname.com.

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What are the advantages of create a corporate email?

To date, there are companies and professionals who use free email addresses, such as those that offer Gmail or Outlook. However, in the eyes of any customer this practice has been shown to be synonymous with distrust and also a possible indication that you are dealing with a company that is unprofessional, has few resources and/or has no minimal investment.

E-mail, which is the most effective way to communicate quickly and easily in business life, is the first choice for both individual and corporate correspondence. E-mail is the most important communication tool of every business because it can be stored even after a long time, and it is a written statement especially in corporate correspondence. Corporate email includes personalized email accounts that match your business name. These e-mail accounts with a company extension are perhaps one of the most important elements of your corporate identity.

1. It Makes You Look Professional

Conducting your correspondence, offers and customer communications with your corporate e-mail adds value to your company. You also have the ability to promote your company anywhere by adding your personal email address to your business cards, website and much more. According to the researches, the rate of opening the e-mail increases with the use of corporate e-mail. At this stage, the use of corporate e-mail becomes a useful tool to grow your brand and strengthen your corporate identity.

2. Contributes to the relationship of trust between you and your customers

The most practical way to show that you are reliable! Your corporate email is your company’s digital identity. Customers often expect companies to have an email address that includes their company name or brand. If your email address matches your domain or company name, customers are 9x more likely to choose your business.

3. Strengthens Your Brand Position

Creates a digital identity for your corporate email company. It increases your productivity and helps your company run better. Professional firms use this tool to strengthen their brand position and meet their customers. They make a small but effective investment to have a strong online presence and achieve their growth goals. You too can use this excellent tool to build your sales force and connect with your new potential customers. In this way, you can strengthen your brand position by making a difference among your competitors.

Is Corporate Email Free?

Yes, you can create a business email for free if your business domain hosting service provides this as a free add-on for domain hosting. Most services provide business emails for free with domain hosting, so be sure to ask your service provider. You won’t need a fully functional website for this. Having a domain hosted on a remote server is enough.

How to create Corporate Email?

There are several different ways to set up a corporate email address, such as using an email service provider like Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook, or an email hosting service like DreamHost or SiteGround. We’ll use this as an example as Google Workspace is one of the most popular email service providers in the world that offers very easy account setup, tons of features and competitive prices.

If you’ve already used Gmail for personal email, the learning curve will be pretty flat as the interface is the same. If you don’t have a domain name, Google Workspace will also help you buy it. Create a Google Workspace account for a free 14-day trial in exchange for your credit card information and get started.

You can create a corporate email address with Google Workspace by following these steps:

  1. Go to workspace.google.com and click “Get started”
  2. Enter your contact information (e.g. business name, employees, and country)
  3. Indicate whether you already have a domain name (e.g. yourbusiness.com)
  4. If you have a domain, you will be prompted to connect it. If you do not have a domain name, you will be prompted to search for one to purchase.
  5. Enter your business information (ex: address)
  6. choose your username and password
  7. Choose a plan and complete the checkout

Once you’ve created your business email with Workspace, go ahead and add your custom google mail signature and integrations like Calendly or DocuSign to help you and your business.

Note that when you create a work email with Google Workspace, you will automatically start a free 14-day trial.

Creating a Corporate Email Account with Google Workspace

  1. Go to Google Enterprise Email Service Workspace.
  2. Then enter your company information.
  3. Share your company contact information with Google Workspace.
  4. If applicable, enter your domain name for your company email.
  5. Proceed to the next step depending on whether you own the domain or not.

1. Go to Google Enterprise Email Service Workspace

2. Enter Your Company Information

3. Share Your Company Contact Information with Google Workspace

4. Enter Domain Name for Company Email if Available

After entering all your contact and personal information, you will be asked if you already have a domain name. If you do, select “ Yes, I have one I can use ” to find and buy a domain name directly from Google, and if not, select “ No, I need one ”. If you don’t have a domain name but don’t want to buy one from Google, you can get one from any domain provider.

Domain Name Selection for Google Enterprise Email Account

Gmail Business Fees for Creating a Corporate Email Account with a Company Extension

custom google mail, google business mail, corporate mail, gmail business, Gmail Business Fees for Creating a Corporate Email Account with a Company Extension

Using Gmail Business for a corporate email account offers great benefits, but of course it’s not free. There are a variety of packages to suit almost any budget or company size. The initial fee to open a Google corporate email account is 6 dollars per user per month. Among Google’s Gmail business email packages, the 6 dollars Gmail Business Starter plan is very affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

  1. $6 per month per Business Starter user
  2. Business Standard is $12 TL per month per user
  3. Business Plus $18 per month per user
  4. Monthly fee per Enterprise user is determined by the Google corporate email sales team.

Corporate Email Login

Now that you’ve set up a corporate Gmail email account, you can sign in to your email account and access your account, including the full suite of Google productivity and collaboration tools. If you want to transfer your old emails to your new Gmail account, you can migrate your emails. If not, consider adding new email apps or Gmail extensions to expand the functionality of Gmail for business.

Advantages of Opening an Email Account with Google Enterprise Extension

One of the great things about opening a corporate Gmail account is that it’s designed to be user-friendly. By contrast, creating professional email addresses is surprisingly simple, but here are other reasons why you should consider using Gmail for your professional email needs.

To talk about the disadvantages of using corporate mail, unlike Gmail for personal use, Gmail for Companies is not free. It would also be fair to add that corporate-level pricing is not transparent.

  1. The Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account is the paid version of a regular Google account and comes with more security and features. In other words, it is the corporate account version of Gmail. Companies, businesses, nonprofits, educational facilities, and government agencies often use Workspace to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders.
  2. The administrator on the Gmail account will give you your own email address to access all the features within Workspace. This is especially important for separating your personal and business correspondence.
  3. You also have access to a range of tools to help you improve your business. This is ideal for those who don’t want to manage another email and want to see all their notifications in one inbox. For example, with one account, you can easily log into all these in different tabs without logging in to different email addresses:
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Analytics
  • Google Ads

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