If you are using your YouTube TV account with the YouTube TV family feature to share among family members, you may have received an cancellation email stating that you have unsubscribed. Due to a YouTube TV bug dated February 23, 2023, many users of the YouTube TV family feature say they have received such an email.

Such a bug was reported about YouTube TV by Cord Cutters News readers. We at Signinup News have received similar emails from our readers.

There are a lot of readers who say they get an email that their subscription has been canceled even though they haven’t canceled their YouTube TV account. Also, the emails are said to go not to the original owner of the YouTube TV account, but to family members of the account owner’s post.

youtube tv cancellation e mail

But we reached out to Google. We’ve found that you don’t have to worry about any of these erroneous emails.

We learned that there is no problem with accounts shared through the family feature of YouTube TV, and accounts can be used by default.

Therefore, we can easily say that there are no errors in YouTube TV accounts that are integrated with the family feature.

All YouTube TV family users can continue to enjoy Google’s services. If you experience any other problems, please let Signinup New know.

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